We had a blast smashing some cake with little miss Caden for her first birthday! 
She was a little skeptical about it at first, but we got some giggles out of her.
FYI: if you tell Shaw's it's your one year old's birthday, you get a free cake!
I had the joy of meeting sweet baby Isla and her big sister Maeve. What a happy and beautiful family! Congratulations and welcome to the world, Isla!
Some of our southern family came to visit from Georgia. Being peach season, they brought up a basket to drool over! With too many peaches to possible eat before going bad (believe me I tried my best), I made my first attempt to make some peach preserves. 

The preserves came out delicious and I made enough to pass around to the rest of the family who wasn't around in time for the fresh goods- plus a little extra for our own enjoyment.

Feeling confident in my canning capabilities, I decided to extend my expertise into digital design and make some fancy labels to go with my Georgia Peach Butter. 

I was pretty proud of my crafting adventure. Only once I had finished, my fiance pointed out that the peaches were really from South Carolina and that Georgia hardly grows peaches anymore! Shh...don't tell!
I had a great time with Tara, Frankie and Charlie at the Arnold Arboretum a few weeks ago. What a beautiful, happy family! It seems like I just took Tara's pregnancy photos! We were lucky to get a few good shots of the little man- he's quick! 

My goddaughter, Emma Grace, celebrated her First Holy Communion this weekend. I can't believe it's been 8 years since her Baptism! Auntie feels old! So proud of my little Communion girl!
Spring has sprung here in Boston! The flowers are all in bloom, buds on the trees, and anything above 40 is shorts weather here, so this 65 degree day calls for bikinis on the commons and a myriad of questionable fashion statements. 

I have some exciting projects coming up, so I will be keeping this updated! My little flower here is part of last night's fun. 

Congratulations Lauren and Jim on your perfect little boy! Welcome to the world, Parker!
I mentioned the project I was able to get started on down in Virginia. Let me explain it a little more:
My friend Niki (Hink Creations) came to me with a very cool project. She was working on the brochure for a science, math, technology and arts camp in North Carolina (Camp Snowball) and needed some illustrations. I was ready for the challenge and excitement of dusting off my sketchbook and pulling out my paints. 

She did a fabulous job laying out the brochure and I was so happy to be a part of the project. 

Here's a compilation of some of the illustrations I got to do:
A few days ago I decided to drive from Boston to Charlotte with a friend to celebrate another friend's birthday. Our trip down was relatively quick and easy, only getting antsy in the last 45 minutes of the trip. We had a great weekend with old friends and were fully prepared for our return trip home.
A mishap at the gas station (a poorly marked diesel pump) left us in small town America. Strasburg, Virginia to be more specific.
The evening became pretty eventful considering the slow pace of a Sunday in a sleepy town. We had some dinner, met some rambunctious locals and watched the Oscar's with our lovely bartender, Michelle.

Between dinner and beers and chatting, I was able to knock out a few sketches from a project I was asked to work on. Overall, it's a pretty cool feeling to accidentally end up in the tap room of an early 20th century hotel doing one of my favorite things.
Beat the winter blues with some fresh herbs. 

I love fresh herbs, but there's not enough light to grow them this time of year and it's almost always a complete waste of money to buy them at the grocery store unless you use them immediately. 

We picked these green onions up in NY and left them un-refrigerated for a bit too long. When we got home to MA, they were wilted and pretty much dead. Frustrated that I just wasted $1.99, I tried an old trick my mom taught me when celery wilts- put it in some cold water. 

I can't tell you they'll last forever- but I can tell you that the photo to the left was taken a month after I brought them home, which is way longer than refrigerating them. With just a little water and a little sunlight, I've had delicious green onions growing in my kitchen!

Just change the water every few days- it gets a little slimy!